A very warm welcome to you all

A wholesome approach to nurturing and nourishing the body, mind and spirit  through  the power of scent and our loving tender touch

Ntuka is a little collection of organic and wild harvested, aromatic plant oil based blends inspired by ancient and modern aromatherapy practices of utilising our sense of smell and touch to bring harmony and nurturing to the entire body, mind and spirit.


Aromatic blends that are guided by a belief system that has complete trust in nature to provide all the answers for supporting long term skin health and our general long term well-being. 

​​​True and genuine aromatic oils are believed to posses the ability and potential to have a profound impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being when safely incorporated into our daily rituals.


Ntuka is all about trusting in that divine and harmonious nature of these precious oils and without compromise, sourcing those that are treated with the utmost deserved respect from seed to bottle. I am beyond delighted to be able to share them with you all

Binkie - Founder

©  Ntuka Skincare  2020                                    

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