All the of the Ntuka blends are hand crafted in very small batches by me, Binkie, the (founder) here in Bristol UK using ethically sourced ingredients from very experienced traders who actually know what they are doing. 

This is really important for me because not only do I need assurance that I am sourcing the real thing, that is the finest, authentic quality oils that all my pennies can buy but it is equally important that what I work with comes from healthy respected soils. From good, happy, fairly paid communities and farmers who deeply care about the land and have a complete understanding of the responsibility that comes with making a living out of natural resources.

Adopting a balanced approach that guarantees that the environment is never depleted as a result of their trade. Living and working in harmony with nature. These are the people that I trust fully and I have been very lucky to find them. 

I have future plans to directly source all my oils myself but for now, I am settling for the best suppliers that I have been able to find. People that you and I can trust to deliver the best untampered purity that you receive when you purchase any of the Ntuka blends.


Equally important is the whole formulating process and the packaging. As a very small business, I source all the ingredients in very small quantities which means that nothing is left stored around for months. Every batch is created with freshly purchased ingredients.

I package all the blends in miron glass and pumps. An exceptionally protective form of packaging that guards against degradation and contamination. Miron glass is really special. You can read all about it at Your blends also come in reusable kraft tubes. This helps you to avoid accidentally breaking your bottles in the bathroom or when you are out and about.