Mma Nanki_edited.jpg

When looking for a name for my little business, it didn't take me long to decide on the name. The name Ntuka belongs to this incredibly special woman in the picture. My late grandmother, my mother, my spiritual angel and my just about everything. A humble, nature and peace loving woman who helped bring me up.
A strong willed woman who refused to let poverty get in her way of wanting a better life for herself and her children. Often cultivating her farm land alone with very little help to grow food in order to feed her family. 

She loved her weird and wonderful home made saunas that consisted of a bucket of dangerously hot water,, lavender fever tree (croton gratissimus) known as moologa in my language and thick blankets. I had to help from the age of ten and hated it.
She loved massages that involved us children walking up and down her back. Water enemas, spoons of castor oil, herbal infusions to welcome the coming season was what us children were treated to in preparation. We did not like her very much for that. I learnt to appreciate all her tricks when I got a little bit older. I think about her every day and hold dear her love and wisdom that she shared with us her family and her community.
My good old grandmother. May she nurture us all with her wise magic found in all of the Ntuka blends