Aromatic shea & neroli facial blend - 30ml

Aromatic shea & neroli facial blend - 30ml



A rich superb moisturiser that is great for all skin types, in particular dry, mature skin any time of the year. Nourishes the face, hair, beard, hands and the lips. 


Aroma - 

Earthy, floral


How to use:

Massage into very damp cleansed face and neck, not forgeting your ear area. This is a really rich cream so you only need a tiny amount at a time. Massage excess into clean hair, beard, hands and lips or you can specifically choose to apply a little to these areas.


Massaging it into very damp, clean  skin helps it absorb beautifully and leaves no greasy residue. Just soft, radiant healthy looking skin.


  •  Please discontinue using if it irritates your skin and contact Ntuka as soon as you can.



Product safety:

  • Always keep away from small children and pets and please keep tightly closed when not in use and store it away from direct heat and light particularly in the warmer months. It will turn into a runny oil if exposed to high heat conditions.



Stored in dark luxurious "UNIQUE BIOPHOTONIC GLASS" also known as miron violet glass. Miron glass is documented to be the only currently known glass that is capable of effectively preserving and enhancing the properties of its contents for a prolonged period of time. Keeping them fresh and potent.